Grabbing loot

Below you can download the current version of Pocket Radio Player. Have a look at the change log to identifiy the latest modifications made. By downloading the application you accept the terms of the disclaimer. You need to extract the zip-archive before you can use the player. In order to use the MP3-recording, you need to place a libmp3lame.dll into the main PRP folder. This library isn't part of the distribution. You can get the Win32 version here for instance.

Furthermore you may only want to get the latest station files from below. Make sure that you delete all old station files beforehand. This is needed to eliminate broken ones. In addition, please erase the prp.dat in the main folder.

  • Normal Pack: Mediafire (#170416, ~14 MB, with station logos)
  • Slim Pack: Mediafire (#170416, <1 MB, without station logos)

Help to translate PRP to even more languages

If you want to translate PRP into a new language, please use the following template text file. After you've translated all phrases, send it in.

Currently, the following languages are supported: .