Grab PRP

Below you can download the current version of Pocket Radio Player. Have a look at the changelog to identifiy the latest modifications made. By downloading the application you accept the terms of the disclaimer. You need to extract the zip-archive before you can use the player.

To enable MP3-recording, place a "libmp3lame.dll" into the PRP folder. This external library isn't part of the distribution.
Please use version 3.99.5 from Rarewares or the latest 3.100 from free-codecs (each as x86-Win32 build).

Windows: Mediafire (#180422, ~14.4 MB)
Official Mirrors: Major Geeks - Softpedia -  Older Geeks

You can get the latest station files from below. Please delete all of your old station files beforehand. Also erase the "prp.dat" from the main folder.
  • Normal Pack: Mediafire (#180422, <14 MB, with station logos)
  • Slim Pack: Mediafire (#180422, <1 MB, without station logos)

Help to translate PRP

If you want to translate PRP into a new language, please contact me beforehand and use the following template text file for your translation.

These languages are supported: .