Below you can download Pocket Radio Player. Have a look at the changelog to identifiy the latest modifications made. By downloading the application you accept the terms of the disclaimer. You need to extract the zip-archive before you can use the player.
To enable MP3-recording, place a "libmp3lame.dll" into the PRP folder. This external library isn't part of the distribution. Please use version 3.99.5 from Rarewares or 3.100 from free-codecs (each as x86-Win32 build).

    Full Edition:
    Mediafire (#240324, ~10 MB)
    Mirrors: Major Geeks - Softpedia - Older Geeks - BytesIn - KUBADOWNLOAD
    Full package. Skins and all stations (with their logos) are included.

    Cortex Edition: Mediafire (#240324, ~1 MB)
    Light package. Only includes the compressed "prp.exe" and "fmod.dll".
    The latest stations will be downloaded on the first run.

    Nightly Edition:
    Latest, perhaps unstable build.
    For advanced testers to give feedback and report bugs. Not meant to be put up elsewhere!

You can get the latest station files from below.
Please delete all of your old station files beforehand. Also erase the "prp.dat" from the main folder.

  • Full package: Mediafire (#240324, < 8 MB, with station logos)
  • Slim package: Mediafire (#240324 < 1 MB, without station logos)

Help to translate PRP

If you want to translate PRP into a new language, please contact me beforehand and use the template text file.
Supported languages so far: .