About the radio station database

The radio stations listed in the PRP database are handpicked and updated regularly, which takes a lot of time. For this reason unreliable stations are deleted frequently. PRP offers a decent variety of free radio stations. - It never aimed at competing with commercial services or apps that try to impress by numbers.

Submit a radio station

In order maintain the quality of the database, your help is highly appreciated.

  • If you want a new station to be added to the database, send in the details here.
    Requires: Station name, website url, genre type, at least one server url and an (optional) logo file.

  • If a station is broken or needs an update (e.g. switched server url), you can report your findings here.
    Requires: Station name or PRP file name and (optional) the broken url or PRP number from the server list.
  • If you have already created a custom or modified an existing PRP radio station file via the editor, send the file here.
    Requires: PRP station file (*.prp).