What Editors think

Below are some reviews about PRP. Due to constant development, these no longer reflect the current state of the app.

"(..) It’s more of an old school walkman than a ghetto blaster; I think it deserves your time if you’re looking for similar software. (..)", Review, Windows #231213.

"This program has been awarded five stars by our editors.", Website, Windows #130913.

"(..) Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Pocket Radio Player 5 out of 5 stars. (..)" - Quck Look Video & Review, Windows #310313.

"(..) To sum up, Pocket Radio Player is a small but efficient solution that enables you to listen to various radio stations quickly and easily. (..)" - Review, Windows #200513.

"(..) Portable Radio Player is a solid radio player that comes with a great and wide-ranging list of stations that you can enjoy at any time. (..)" - Review, Mac #150512.

"(..) Pocket Radio Player is a nice Shoutcast compatible internet radio player that offers a wide range of internet radio stations. It not only allows you to listen to the top music stations all over the world, but also lets you create and add new stations to the list. It’s probably amongst the best free internet radio players available out there. (..)" - Review, Windows #291012.