FAQ: How do I add new stations with the embedded editor?

PRP comes with a build-in station creator. With it you can convert a playlist file into a station file. A custom station logo may be placed into the creator directory and will be detected automatically.

  • Save the playlist file you want to add to your HDD. Best place to pick it up later is the desktop.
  • Drag & drop the playlist file (such as *.pls, *.m3u, *.asx) onto the PRP window. The editor will show up. If the file itself is broken completely (not vaild), it's going to be ignored.
  • Edit your station settings and set a genre for the station. Read the tooltips for each field to get more infomations. They should be self-explanatory.
  • You can also select a station logo via the according dropdown box. This holds all png images currently present in the creator folder.
  • If you want to add a new logo file quickly you can select it via the folder icon. Select your logo file and it will be automatically copied to the creator folder and selected for your current project.
  • When you're done: Hit the save button. You'll be connected to the newly created station by default. Press the back button if you want to quit without saving.

PRP uses a special data file (*.prp) for each radio station. You can find the according files in the stations subfolder. These are plain renamed zip-files that include a station_ico.png (optional logo) and station_id.txt (data). In some cases the created station file from the creator might not work properly due to faulty playlists. In this case you can always repair / reedit the file later manually.